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Our Swiss lace closures have strands of hair hand-tied to the lace, which looks like a piece of netting or mesh material.  It allows your scalp to breathe and gives easier access to your hair beneath to clean, condition and moisturize effectively.   The knots created from the hair being tied to the lace often create small black dots along the parted area, which most people believe to be extremely unrealistic.  Some ladies bleach these knots to bring them to a light enough color that they appear invisible, while others (like me) simply cover them with concealer that matches their skin.  Our Swiss Lace closures are less expensive than our Silk Base closures and look just as real.

Lace closure (free part)hd

SKU: 00003SLC
  • We have a straight forward refund or exchange policy. We want to build trust and confidence with every client. Our refund and exchange policy is as follows: Hair can be exchanged/returned under the following conditions: If something is wrong with the hair: ragged wefts, incorrect texture or lengths... We will gladly exchange hair within 14 days of purchase and/or issue a refund. Hair will NOT be accepted after the 14 day grace period. Hair must be in its original condition and in its natural state, no chemicals or alterations of any kind. Online Clients must return hair and have the choice to exchanged hair for another selection.

  • Our Swiss Hair Closures offer a luxuriously soft, low maintenance install that will last 10-12 months with proper care. This texture blends seamlessly with most hair types (mid to course) and can be colored,straightened and styled with ease. Once straightened, simply wetting the hair will return its original wave pattern.

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